Backup MX

It is still a beta version! This is a simple service - MX Backup.

Free MX Backup

If you run your own mail server, our backup mail service is essential to make sure you receive all of your important email. If your mail server is down or unavailable, Backup MX will accept the messages and then deliver them once your mail server is restored.

Getting started

MX EMail Server Backup - perfect solution for small business
(We do not support Microsoft™ Exchange Servers)

Unlimited email storage

While you're down, we'll get it all -- no matter how big.

DNSBL filtering

We filter our mail against our DNSBL (DNS black hole list), filtering and discarding any email with bad intentions.

Backup queue

We offer backup queuing for unexpected downtime on a main MX server for 5 days, storing and forwarding when you're ready.

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