Backup MX

Why are we giving this away for free? was founded in 2013 by the same team behind the web hosting services provider

Our main business is spam filtering. It is our hope that once you try our free backup MX service that you will be impressed and you will see some spam reduction and you'll want to upgrade to full MX Gateway spam filtering.

Even though we don't make money on this we provide spam filtering to other customers and we have one of the largest and best RBL blacklists and whitelists on the planet. By being your backup we can detect more spambots and increase the size of out lists. Our black lists specializes in the fast and accurate detection of spambots. Although we don't have as big of a database as lists like SpamHaus, out detection methods are faster and we get the bad guys blocked quicker. So even if you never pay us big money! (Setup Fee £2.00) a dime we are getting some benefit from it.

We enjoy blocking spam and since we benifit from many free services on the Internet we feel that we give back by providing some free services to others. We have big fast servers and this doesn't really create a lot of load on our system.

Is this free offer going to last forever? We added Setup Fee £2.00

Nothing lasts forever. Enjoy it now while it's here and free. We will keep it free as long as it is in our interest to do so.

Returning the Favor

Some people ask, "What can I do to return the favor for this free service? We're not asking anything from you but if you put a link on your web site thanking us for the service then that will help us with our search ranking. Spreading the word always helps.