It is still a beta version! This is a simple service - MX Backup.
Remember ,you use the Service at your own risk.

We store email up to 5 days and is rate limited to a reasonable amount so if you have a huge domain you should let us know for special arrangements. If your server goes offline then once your server comes back online we will usually detect it within minutes and transfer your email as fast as your server will accept it.

Add zone - Backup MX

Setup Fee £2.00
Payment methods - PayPal - Credit/Debit cards
Backup MX is free + Set up everything for you, this is our time! Setup Fee £2.00 - Think of it as a cup of coffee for us. Thank you
A setup fee is an additional charge that covers the cost of setting up an account for you. Many hosting providers charge a setup fee if you do not order a year or more of hosting in advance with them.
Availability 24h - subject to validation of your order and within the limits of available stocks.

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